This section is dedicated to my 4 paws craft buddy and best companion: Holøya.

As this is her section, I thought an introduction would be necessary.

Holøya is a Norwegian Forest Cat. This is a breed which is a dog-like cat. She is there when I’m back from the office and follows me. She is very curious and likes to bite the pen when I am writing. You can be sure she is in the vicinity when I am crafting.

What a strange name you’ll tell me.

Well, there is a story behind it. I decided to take a cat after a bad moment in my life, I met her she was 1 month and 650 grams ! She had a koala nose and I fell in love with her. She did not have a name yet and I started to look for one. As she is a Norwegian cat I started to look for name with this origin. After few research, I found the perfect one, Holøya is a small city/place in Norway with lot of forest. I thought this would perfectly suits her.

In few words, she loves to sleep, to cuddle, to be pet, to play with aluminium balls, and she would do anything for grey shrimps !

Here she is: