About the 2 hands

Hello to you !

Yes, you visitor of Hands, Paper, Scissors ! Welcome on my website.

I’m Emily (alias the 2 hands) and behind the creation of this crafty website. I hope you’ll enjoy spending time here in the Papers’ cavern.

What can we do with 2 hands, lot of paper and scissors? Amazingly a lot! Ideas, creativity, trial is all you need to produce some really cool things.

Hands, Paper, Scissors is a wink to our childhood game “Rock, Paper, Scissors” as we called it. It refers to the limitless creativity we had at this time, the pleasure to experiment and discover new things. It also summarizes the 3 main things you’ll need to make some of the realizations yourself.

For me, crafts have always been a big part of my life, my father is my teacher on this subject. Being an only child (and a girl), close to my father I found it cool when I could take part to his free-time activities: mechanics, building a garden shed by recycling some old pallets, gardening, painting, and more generic Do-It-Yourself (put up IKEA furniture …). I have always found this so much fun, I could spend ages with dirty hands. My mum has been my teacher on more girly stuff such as knitting and helped on developing my creativity by being my partner in crime in my art classes in school (putting real chocolate on paper to illustrate my love for chocolate …).

I’m in my late 20’s (is being 28 qualify for this?), French living in Luxembourg and working as a project manager. This website is a personal project where I want to give ideas, tips and show what you can do with simple material such as paper. Paper is my main media but you’ll also find projects for the 4 paws (my beloved cat) and for decorating your home. I love the idea that people ask me who realized it or do not even think that I made it.

I would love to hear from you, so please leave comments. Also, do not hesitate to ask questions.

P.S: Thanks to my husband, supporting me in this project and not complaining about me filling the space with my cards, origami and decoration objects 🙂