Cutfile Crew – February 2021

You are special

It is the end of the month and that means a new contribution to the #cutfilecrew. This month, @frau_bergmolch proposed this title created by Gwen from Cut to you

I chose to use a picture of my husband who is really special to me (no need to say). This photo is even more special given this is taken at our wedding.

Here is my take for the month of February:

I started from a blank cardstock and added layers, die cuts, paints, drops, plenty of various media which I really enjoyed to create. I also used nearly all of my new dies bought from Alexandra Renke to use with the Sidekick that Tamara offered me for Christmas 🙂

I rarely start from a blank state but it was a really nice process and will definitely use more of the layering technique in the future as it gives a lot of emphasis on the picture.

Curious to see more? Head over to my instagram and check the other crew’s creations. Happy hopping.