Lego Wedding Invite

Wedding ! As some of you may know (and this explains my big silence), I got married in June. The main theme was Lego (shared hobby for me and my husband) and nearly everything in green and white.

It was the perfect day I loved everything about it and, as you may imagine, a crafter might want to do some of the stuff by herself for her big day. Well I nearly did everything of the decoration by myself (I had help for the origami and the paper flowers, for which you’ll find dedicated posts) which took me a lot of time.

I designed part of it on my computer and the remaining directly on the paper. I was happy with the results and most of our guests were impressed with the wedding invites, not even trusting us when saying I made them myself.

Being honest, if I had to do them again I am not sure I would the same design or do them at all. It took me 2 week-ends and every single night during 2 weeks.

I learnt a lot during the process:

  • Never put normal double-sided tape on pearl paper. It does not stick and you end up redoing 100 mini RSVP holders within your invites. Super tacky tape made the trick however.
  • 100 of them might be a little too much.
  • Never listen to your future husband complain about the cost and how you would have saved by using vist….t! I was so proud afterwards that the cost and time did not weight lot in the balance.
  • How to do the full invite with only 2 single sheets of paper (paper optimization at its best).
  • Before even starting the process check the measurement with your post office! We decided on the format back in summer 2015 when producing the draft version. When I finished the invites in January, the post office here decided that Square letters where qualifying as small package and not letters … which was doubling the postage cost (truly? Just because it’s square?). Hopefully my square invite was smaller than the envelope and we just folded the envelope closer to the invite (making it basically a rectangle of 15cm by 14.5 cm :P)
  • Organisation is the key

As a presentation, the wedding invite is a waterfall card. There is a ribbon to pull and discover the story of our wedding.


For my invites, I used 2 colors of pearl paper: white and green and tried to include all the elements needed within 2 single sheets of paper.

I designed all the printed parts on Illustrator and it was also a big part of the project as I was a totally newbie with this software. I designed the Lego characters and the text.

The only thing I didn’t print was the indication on where to cut as I did not want to show it on the invites. Sadly this was not a so great idea as I ended up tracing everything by hand before using the trimmer. I spent one full week end only doing this. Hopefully I had company with suppenhuhn and einfachamarie who came for a crop am Luxembourg in this occasion.

I used the trimmer to cut every single pieces composing the invite. I cannot remember how many different pieces (more than 10 for sure) but I know I had to do this for 100 invites!

Rubber and adhesive rollers were my friends for quite few hours in order to compose each part of the waterfall card.

Within the invite, I made small open envelopes for the RSVP. On the opposite side I used a confetti vellum to put over the main text of the invite.